by iPage Reviews


This site has gone through multiple iterations over the years. The first site was hand coded in Windows Notepad in May of 2000 (according to WhoIs - seems it was longer ago than that). It has resided on three different hosting providers and been built using notepad, Dreamweaver and multiple versions of Joomla. This site remained dormant for many years as we all moved to social media. I decided to bring it back to life as a mean to post photos, but we'll probably post some additional info here as well.

I thought I had some of the old sites archived, but I can't find them as of this writing. Some of it was good from a historical standpoint, much of it was not really significant (particularly my initial few versions of the site). If I find them, I'll add some of that content.

This site is in really rough shape at the moment - I need to do quite a bit of configuration to clean it up. I'm hoping to get to it shortly.

Thanks for stopping by.